Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Majorca was banned to kick out the boozy

Deputy mayor of Palma de Majorca, Álvaro Gijón said plans are underway to kick out drunken German and replace it with rich tourists from places like China and Dubai.

"In the next 5-6 years we will turn around the image of Playa de Palma 180 degrees," he told the tabloid Bild. "Ballermann will be there again in its current form."

He says many hotels will be renovated to achieve a four or five-star status, while a new, fancier restaurants and sports facilities are also in the pipeline.

The goal is to mimic the vacation destinations such as St Tropez in France, or Las Vegas in the United States, in an effort to woo rich visitors. "We are planning a casino where the tour will play to thousands of people."

"We want people who will spend a lot of money," said Gijon. He said drinking on the beach is an ancient - refers to the German tradition of boozing themselves silly with a straw from a bucket of sangria while lying on sunloungers.

"If people want to get drunk, they should do it in the discotheques, instead of on the beach in front of the public," he said.

Ban drinking in public are in place 10:00 to 01:00 was introduced this season, and should be seen as a shot in the bow with a kind of drunken tourists who usually flock to the beach Ballermann.

"There are other places in the world for them," said the paper Gijon.

More than half a million tourists go on holiday to Playa de Palma each year, filling 250 hotels in the waterfront area. There is a stretch of bars, discos and many restaurants that cater specifically to Germany - with names like Oberbayern, Bierkönig and Mega-Park.

But Gijon said he wanted a higher class of visitors - and believes that some of the new, refined guest will also German.